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Hoox [userpic]

I've been super-involved in several DRoP RPGs lately, all of which are proving fun and forcing me to write more, which is always a good thing.

That said, here's a shameless plug for each of them:

1) Evergen Weyr:
Four years old and still going strong, this is hands-down the single best Pern game you'll ever come across. There's no group of roleplayers more dedicated or more enthusiastic, and none more friendly. Despite being open and totally accepting of new members, Evergen maintains a high level of literacy and post-quality. We've got an awesome new plot going; a meteor has hit the Red Star, altering the errant planet's orbit and causing thread to be possible at any time!

2) Red River Weyr:
I've only just joined Red River, but already the folks there have been warm and accepting. There are quite a few active roleplayers there, and there seems to be no shortage of plot ideas. The site's patrons have a high level of literacy; there's no short, one-sentence posts here!

3) Carew Weyr:
Carew's a small weyr, but a great one. The folks there are all fun, literate, and understanding. While it pops in and out of activity, there are a few stalwart roleplayers keeping this great place alive. Always welcoming of new people, Carew's a great place to play.

School has started back up, and it's fun so far.

My roommate's boyfriend spent the weekend, and was making sexual overtures at her while I was still in the room....

Hoox [userpic]

I'm sure anyone reading this is aware of what transpired in Tuscon, Arizona last Saturday. I'm also fairly sure that if you live in this country, you'll have heard the media buzz about who is "really responsible" for all of this. I've kept quiet about the situation because frankly, what good would my words do? However, it's gotten to the point where I just have to say something. The media is flipping its collective shit.

Cut cut cut...Collapse )

Hoox [userpic]

The fabulous Mark Gatiss has confirmed that series 2 of Sherlock will begin filming in MAY!!!!

All of our questions will be answered. Will John and Sherlock escape the clutches of crazy Jim? Will Mycroft's diet succeed? Will Anderson hate dinosaurs? Will there ever be an epic re-match between John and the vile chip-and-pin machine???


Hoox [userpic]

What is the best movie of 2010?

How to Train Your Dragon. It's got action, heart, beautiful animation... what more could you ask for?

Hoox [userpic]

Let's go team TARDIS!

Hoox [userpic]

According to the BBC, most people will have only read 6 of these 100 books.


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Hoox [userpic]

1) Got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I literally remember none of the procedure and very little of that day at all. The recovery has been going fairly smoothly, all things considered, though I've been sleeping much more than normal and not able to eat many solid foods.

2) Got Cataclysm, enjoying it immensely. My worgen is already level 31 or something, and my good ol' tauren hunter is saving wildlife in Hyjal.

3) Passed organic chemistry part II! Also, the GPA went up a little more... every little bit helps!

4) Accepted into the 2011 Rakuno Gakuen study program for the summer... basically, this means I get to go to Japan and see a veterinary school there :)

5) Our older Scottish terrier had to be put to sleep last Thursday night. We miss him, but it was better for him to go peacefully than suffer.

6) Kiba is an only dog now and is not really enjoying it. Mostly, she's bored.

7) All the fish made it home safely, as well as some of the baby snails that my trapdoor snail decided to create.

Hoox [userpic]

Rumor has it that not only will Martin Freeman be Bilbo in the Hobbit movie, BUT, David Tennant and Leonard Nimoy might be ALSO.

There is only so much epic I can deal with, guys.

Hoox [userpic]

Because it wouldn't get out of my head.

Somewhere, Dickens is scratching his head in confusion.Collapse )

Hoox [userpic]

Sometimes I get excited about weird shit. Like, this video of an electric eel powering a christmas tree? Totally made me giddy. I cannot adequately describe my glee upon finding that video.

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