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March 2011
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Hoox [userpic]
American!Being Human : A Review

I've been a fan of the British television series "Being Human" for some time now; the concept--a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together in one flat--alone hooked me, and the loveable characters kept me.

Recently, Syfy decided to bring the show to America... by doing an American Version of the series. I was mainly interested in seeing Mark Pelligrino, who played Jacob in LOST, but because I loved the original show so much, I decided to try it out...

The essential concepts of the show are the same. We have Josh--a werewolf, Aiden--a vampire, and Sally--a ghost all living under one roof. Aside from the annoying name change--why not keep it the same?--Josh was well-cast. There's something of George's goofiness in him, and his loveability as well. Sally was all right, though not nearly as adorable as Annie.

I HATED Aiden. The look was wrong, the demeanor... everything sucked. It just wasn't Mitchell. Mark Pelligrino was pretty good as the vampire ringleader Bishop, but he's a talented actor anyway.

Josh's transformation was slightly higher-tech than George's, but less graphic and far less intense. The raw emotion in George's change was better, in my opinion, if lacking in special effects.

The flat--sorry, apartment--was pretty similar to the original, though far less warm and welcoming. The whole set was sort of dreary and bleak, whereas the original show's sets are colorful and full of light.

I want to like this version, I really do, and I'll probably watch next week's episode before passing final judgement on the series as a whole. American!Tully looks bleh, to be honest, but the character looks similar at least.

The thing about this show is that when you take it away from the original source, the original actors, the original feeling... it's just not the same. It's ok, maybe even good, but... it's NOT the Being Human I know and love. As it's own show, it's fine, but it is simply sub-par compared to the original. I liken it to the Pern books written by Todd McCaffrey; they're OK, but there's something missing when Pern isn't written by Anne. It's a feeling, mostly, the feeling of losing something of the original that could never be there. There's heart in the original, and while this show could very well develop a heart of its own... it will never be the same.

Short version:
Ok, not as good as the original. 3/5 stars.