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Hoox [userpic]

Last Friday was an auspicious day for my beloved Evergen Weyr: our 20th hatching! Yes, that's right, the 20th. This hatching was also significant because it was the first under the new administrative team... it goes without saying that if this hatching was any indication, the ones in the future will be fabulous!

My candidate Impressed a gold, which I was honored and surprised by. Her name is Iarath, and she's gonna be a fun one to play. Other noteable events were the hatching of a second golden dragonet, as well as a new non-canon color, the vermillion. Watch-whers are also due to make a comeback soon, so if you're into Pern and want to play one, Evergen's gonna be a great place to do it.

The week of Hell, then, ended on a high note. I did very well on my anatomy/physiology exam, as well as my equine production exam. The computer exams results aren't in yet, but should be positive. Biochem was an epic failure, though going by previous wait-times for grades in that class, I won't have the actual grade for some time. Genetics lab was also bad, mostly because of Biochem.

My spring break has been boring, but in a good way. I shadowed several hours on Tuesday with the amazing Doctor Todd, and was due to shadow today as well... unfortunately, I caught a bug and had to go home early.

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Hoox [userpic]

This week sucks on the sweaty balls of a lower primate. 5 exams total, 2 of which are now done. I've got biochemistry, genetics lab, and anatomy/physiology to go.

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Hoox [userpic]

I have determined that my ultimate goal in life will be to attend the Doctor Who Proms... I mean, it's pretty much the most epic thing ever.

It's been a tough week or so without Lily, but life goes on. I tried to put my dear Volly--male betta--in her tank, but he was terrified of it and of the cory cats inside it, so he was returned to his original tank. I didn't want to scare Crowley, so I decided to risk buying a new fish. I got a honey gourami (Trichogaster/Colisa chuna), and his name is Electron or Senor Buburjas. I'm not sure which yet. He's so fast! He likes to swim around like he's on fire.

I wish the middle east would stop imploding on itself.

My thoughts are with everyone in New Zealand.

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Hoox [userpic]

"And now, without you Draco, what do we do? Where do we turn?"

"To the stars, Bowen. To the stars."

Hoox [userpic]

It seemed like we were fighting battles together from the first time we met. The circumstances that brought us together weren't the greatest, but oh, how things change.

Words cannot express how much I will miss you, my beautiful little flower. You weren't just another betta... you were special, a friend, a loved one. I will remember you until the day I die, and we'll be together again someday.

I love you, Lily, and I always will.

Hoox [userpic]

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Hoox [userpic]

This weekend, I had the pleasure of watching the entire 5th season of Doctor Who with my parents. I've seen the whole thing before, but they haven't.

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Hoox [userpic]

So you know those mass bird deaths occuring all over the place? They were deliberate. Apparently the USDA poisoned them because they were eating food-animal feed.

Really? Does no one understand the food chain anymore, or the risks posed by introducing something like that into the environment?

"They should not be called pesticides, but biocides."
--Rachel Carson

Hoox [userpic]

Because the idea wouldn't leave me alone.

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Hoox [userpic]

I've been a fan of the British television series "Being Human" for some time now; the concept--a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together in one flat--alone hooked me, and the loveable characters kept me.

Recently, Syfy decided to bring the show to America... by doing an American Version of the series. I was mainly interested in seeing Mark Pelligrino, who played Jacob in LOST, but because I loved the original show so much, I decided to try it out...

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Short version:
Ok, not as good as the original. 3/5 stars.

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